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The Three Don’ts: Overpay Your Taxes (Ep. 60)

Do you think taxes are going up or down over the course of your retirement?  After surveying thousands of people, we found that overpaying in taxes is one of the greatest concerns among those preparing for retirement. In this part two of a three-part series called The Three Don’ts Of Retirement, J. Barry Watts explores ways to reduce your total tax bill throughout your retirement, especially with the current income tax rates expected to rise in the future. Barry discusses: Resources: Connect With Barry Watts:
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The Three Don’ts: Burden Your Family (Ep. 59)

Many people think about a nursing home when we talk about long-term care.  But long-term care could also be care in your home. It could also include adult day care, or assisted living.  While it may not be a pleasant topic to think about, it is essential to ensure you receive the care you need while reducing the financial and emotional burden on your loved ones! In this episode, J. Barry Watts explains how to plan for your long-term care in an effective and timely manner — and one that is affordable for you. Barry discusses: Connect With Barry Watts:
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