Personalized Wealth Cultivation and Preservation

A Holistic Ecosystem of Wealth Services

Caring for your wealth can’t be personalized if it is not holistic (def. dealing with the whole, not just parts.) At WealthCare we consider your whole financial life, not just taxes, not just investments, not just risk management, not just your legacy, but all of it interconnected—each influencing the other—through every phase of your financial journey. We understand people need help uncovering their options and making decisions in these key areas of life.

“If you don’t get the taxes right, nothing else matters.”

– Barry Watts


Keeping money in your pocket, instead of sending it to Washington

The Internal Revenue Code is filled with provisions that reduce or eliminate taxes. But in accounting school, the typical CPA didn’t get trained to find those provisions, and often doesn’t have the expertise to implement them. That’s why our ecosystem is filled with experts—CPAs, Actuaries, Tax Strategists, Attorneys, Insurance Specialists, Wealth Managers and Retirement Designers who not only know how to find those provisions, but also determine whether they apply to you, and how to activate them for you.


Know whether, when and where to be in the market

It is one thing to accumulate wealth, but another thing to protect it to generate tax-free income for your lifetime and preserve it intact for generations to come. The Wall Street Mutual Fund Industrial Complex trains “advisors” to sell financial products rather than equipping them to preserve and protect accumulated wealth.


Defense against future uncertainty

Not all financial risks can be eliminated. When they can’t, we help you transfer those risks away from you and your family to big financial corporations.

Imagine losing your income to disability, your savings to medical expenses, your wealth to taxes, or your retirement security to the premature death of a spouse.


Maximizing net after-tax proceeds from the sale of your business

Business owners often don’t address the transition from their business until they get a bad diagnosis, or decide one week that they’ve had enough, and they want to sell out and get a check by Friday. That approach rarely works well for the owner.


Don’t let stuff you leave behind destroy your family

The Legacy Solutions practice area of our ecosystem helps people leave a maximum legacy upon their death. But this isn’t just estate planning. No!

Estate planning is typically just about divvying up money and assets. But leaving a legacy is about more important things. For example, what is more important to you, your money or your values?

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