Together we go further.

WealthCare Corporation consists of an ecosystem of experts.

At WealthCare Corporation, we are committed to bringing the collective expertise of an ecosystem of professionals to deliver high quality customer experiences.



Enhanced success and collaboration in an ecosystem of thriving peers

WealthCare Investment Advisors, LLC partners with financial advisors who see value in the holistic wealth management ecosystem we’ve created and want to team up to provide these services to the clients who depend on them. Our partnership takes the load of managing their business financially, administratively and compliantly off their back and allows them to spend 100% of their time serving their clients.



Strategies for your client that go deeper than the tax return

WealthCare Corporation partners with CPA and accounting firms who recognize that their clients need more than balance sheets, income statements, and tax returns, and want to add comprehensive tax strategy to their service offerings. This benefits their clients, bulletproofs their business, and gets them referrals from our clients who don’t have a CPA or enrolled agent relationship.



Include strategies to protect your client’s wealth and reduce their taxes.

WealthCare Corporation partners with insurance agents and agencies to bring value to their clients by broadening their service offering to include non-insurance, tax and investment products. This embeds them deeper into the client relationship, and can provide a significant source of additional income to the agent and the agency.

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