About Wealthcare Corporation

Fiduciaries in Personal Wealth Matters

Why WealthCare Corporation

Clients choose WealthCare Corporation because they recognize our competence, value our expertise, and know that we really truly care about what is best for them and helps them achieve what they want.

They choose WealthCare Corporation because no other firm has identified the tax dilemma they face, and offered solutions to minimize their taxes and eliminate taxes on future income.

They choose WealthCare Corporation because no one else has shown them how to reduce the risk of long-term care expense, and pay for it in a way that doesn’t break the bank.

They choose WealthCare Corporation because traditional estate planning only divvies up the financial assets and doesn’t address the more valuable core issue of transferring the values and character which made the family strong and enabled the accumulation of the wealth.

They choose WealthCare Corporation because…we really do care!

Meet Our Founder

I’ve always been passionate about helping people. In the rural Ozark hills where I grew up that might have meant taking food to a sick neighbor, helping the farmer down the road get his cows back inside the fence, or holding hands and praying with the one who’d just experienced a devastating loss or faced an excruciating decision.

Though my original credentials were in economics, my heart for helping seemed most fully expressed through the church, so I became a minister to help people live a fuller and better life. That often involved money which led me to seek out partners in the financial industry who helped me simplify the explanation of the complexities of money, taxes and investment. From that was born what eventually became WealthCare Corporation.

Our Core Value

At WealthCare Corporation “It’s about the people who are depending on us.” Everything we do flows from this. If everyone makes every decision and takes every action in light of the people who are depending on them, we’ll probably always do the right thing and together we are likely to succeed for ourselves and the people who are depending on us.

So when the phone rings, we answer it and seek to serve because we know you are depending on us to do our best for you.

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