Why the Wealthy Are Perceived to Not Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes (and you don’t have to, either.) (Ep. 68)

Do you ever feel that taxation is skewed against the average citizen? Or that wealthy people don’t pay their fair share?

It’s because they know how to use the tax code to their advantage!

In this episode, J. Barry Watts peels back the layers of the tax system and explains how to apply the tax code’s provisions to your benefit — just like the wealthy.

Barry discusses:

  • Why people don’t trust the government with their tax money
  • What it means to find the “red lights” and “green lights” in the tax code
  • Little-known tax-saving strategies (such as investing in rare earth minerals)
  • Additional examples of using the tax code to one’s advantage, such as segregated asset plans and the “Augusta Rule”
  • Questions you should be asking your CPA
  • And more

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