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The Two Checks You Need in Retirement (Ep. 58)

Having a guaranteed lifetime income (your paychecks) during retirement can help you cover your basic living expenses, so you can focus on what’s left — the playchecks. In this episode, J. Barry Watts speaks with retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Tom Hegna, who is now a retirement expert, best-selling author, public TV host and international speaker. Together, they share ways to build reliable sources of retirement income and minimize risk.  Colonel Hegna discusses: Resources: Connect With Tom Hegna: Connect With Barry Watts: About Our Guest: Tom Hegna is an economist, author, and retirement expert. As a former First Vice President
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Who Needs Insurance? Who WANTS Insurance? (Ep. 57)

Insurance can be a tricky thing to navigate. Some people who need it don’t always want it, while others who want it may not necessarily need it. Plus, a lack of understanding of insurance and how it works could lead to poor decisions and increased reluctance. In this episode, J. Barry Watts discusses the common types of insurance plans, their tax benefits, and when one plan might be preferred over another. Barry discusses: Connect With Barry Watts:
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